About Us

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Our mission is to provide a fun, creative, and imagination driven environment for children to play and be inspired. We are committed to maintaining a safe and clean indoor place to play and celebrate your special events.

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The Monkey’s Treehouse is greater Nashville’s ultimate indoor playground for children age zero to 8. We provide the perfect venue for casual play dates, Mom’s Group outings, planned birthday parties and other special celebrations. Kids can explore, climb, and slide on an amazing multi-roomed treehouse.

They can use their imaginations as they play in the town village, home living area, reading lounge, and art studio. The doll houses, train tables, cars, and lighted magnetic table are always super fun and stimulate creativity.

Toddlers ages 2 and under can enjoy a closed off section offering soft blocks, toddler slide, and many other age appropriate activities.

For your convenience, we provide free Wi-Fi and use of the party room* for non birthday snacks or lunch¬† you bring in for your day of play. (* Party room is only available if it’s not reserved for a celebration or event.)

Our employees are accessible in the lobby area and move around the facility to maintain cleanliness and safety.

Local mom and entrepreneur, Jackie Wiener, took over ownership of The Monkey’s Treehouse on May 1, 2018. Jackie is committed to the growth of a business dedicated to a safe play space, powered by imagination and interaction. She is eager to take the Treehouse to the next level and enhance the experience for kids and their parents.

Drop her an email at mike@monkeystreehouse.com.