Daddy Daughter Dinner at Monkey’s Treehouse

The Monkey’s Treehouse, located in Brentwood, will be opening its doors for a special event, Nov. 8.

Dad’s and Daughters will have exclusive use of the indoor playground on the Treehouse’s first Daddy-Daughter Dinner Night.

“We know how important family is, and we know how important it is for father’s to establish relationships with their daughters,” said Jackie Wiener, Treehouse owner. “I’m a mom, and I know my husband sometimes needs a little help in having one-on-one time with his daughter. This event makes it easy for dads to do that.”

The Treehouse will open for two hours, and pizza and drinks will be served.

“We the food and the venue for a great memory,” Wiener said. “Dad’s will provide the smiles and facilitate the fun!”

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