Do you sanitize your equipment?
Yes. Employees are required to follow a daily detailed cleaning process per our written Standard Operating Procedures. Hand sanitizer is available throughout The Monkey’s Treehouse at all times.

Can we plan a field trip?
Absolutely. We offer discounted Open Play rates for school groups, church groups, book clubs, supper clubs, etc. A 7 day notice is required. The party room can be reserved for any of these events based on availability. Additional fees may apply for after hour events and use of the party room.

How big is The Monkey’s Treehouse?
We have almost 5,000 total square feet.

Can I drop off my child and come back later?
No. This is not a drop-in child care facility. At least one guardian or appointed caregiver must stay with the children at all times.

Can I drop off my younger kids and leave them with my 15 year old in charge?
No. The guardian or appointed caregiver must be 18 years old or older.

Can I have a birthday party in the party room during Open Play if I do not book a party?
No. We love that you come to celebrate your little ones special day with us but please note the party room is not always available and all celebrations should be pre-booked. As posted in the party room, we reserve the right to charge for a birthday party, if the following items are brought into the facility: cake, cupcakes, party decorations, party favors, balloons, or other birthday party items. We also reserve the right to close the party room at any time.

If you would like to book a party, we’ll be happy to help!

Can I bring in outside food during Open Play?
Yes. We do not allow food or drinks on carpeted areas but you are welcome to have snacks or lunch in designated areas. Remember that we are a Peanut Free Zone when packing your snacks or lunch.

Are you a Peanut Free Zone?

Is The Monkey’s Treehouse appropriate for my little one under 2 years of age?
Absolutely, we have a large toddler area designed for age 2 and under. We do not allow children age 3 and above in the area and it is age appropriate play for your little one. Toddlers are not restricted to that area.

Do I need socks?
Shoes are required.

Are shoes required?

How do I know that your staff is well-trained and responsible?
Each of our employees has experience in child development. The owner is actively involved in daily activities and on site throughout the day. Our employees are accessible in the lobby area and move around the facility to maintain cleanliness and safety.