I am the parent, legal guardian, or have been appointed by one of the two to care for the minor child or children named below. I understand that I am responsible for the supervision of these named children during their visit to the Monkey's Treehouse. I also understand that is my responsibility to:

Require these named children to comply with all posted safety signs and rules and verbal instructions of the Monkey's Treehouse and Personally comply with all posted safety signs and rules and verbal instructions of the monkey's treehouse and Report any hazard which I observed to the monkey's treehouse. I understand that there are inherent risks of injury associated with being at the monkey's treehouse. Knowing these risks, I have decided that these named children and I will utilize the services of the monkey's treehouse. if I or one of tr more of these named children suffers an injury while at the Monkey's Treehouse, I will not assert a claimant against the Monkey's Treehouse. Additionally, if another person asserts a claim on behalf or because of these named children, I will indemnify and hold harmless the Monkey's Treehouse (MJ Treehouse Ventures LLC ) and it's owners for any damages they suffer as a result of the claim.

By digitally signing, I am stating that.

I understand this document is legally binding upon myself and the children listed below. I am the parent, guardian or appointment caregiver 18 years of age or older of the children listed below and I agree to the terms of this release. By agreeing to these terms I consent of the capture and use of photo/video of myself and the parties under my care for promotional purposes by MJ Treehouse Ventures.